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Toes of an infant who could have MoCD Type A
  • This Little Piggy had a neonatal seizure…
  • This Little Piggy went to the NICU…
  • This Little Piggy was tested for sulfite intoxication…
  • This Little Piggy was diagnosed with MoCD Type A
  • This Little Piggy now has a chance of making it all the way home.

Seizures in a neonate can be caused by a number of conditions. Test immediately for sulfite intoxication – it could lead to the critical diagnosis of MoCD Type A. Early identification of sulfite intoxication may lead to a presumptive diagnosis, appropriate intervention, and a more hopeful outcome.1,2

What is MoCD Type A?

Scientist performing critical tests for sulfites

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The feet of a neonate who could have an inborn error of metabolism

Understand how to diagnose MoCD Type A

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*Expedited SSC testing, defined here to mean diagnostic results within 48 hours of when a sample is received, is available from certain laboratories, including Duke and Mayo Clinic. Other laboratories may offer expedited SSC testing services, and turnaround times may vary. The ultimate choice of laboratory is solely between the patient and the treating physician. Please contact your preferred laboratory to verify whether expedited testing is available and to confirm turnaround time.

If you are aware of another laboratory that provides expedited SSC testing or would like to have your laboratory included on this brochure, please email Sentynl does not subsidize any tests nor does it have any financial interests in the laboratories listed.

References: 1. Veldman A, Santamaria-Araujo JA, Sollazzo S, et al. Successful treatment of molybdenum cofactor deficiency type A with cPMP. Pediatrics. 2010;125(5):e1249-e1254. 2. Mechler K, Mountford W, Hoffmann G, Ries M. Ultra-orphan diseases: a quantitative analysis of the natural history of molybdenum cofactor deficiency. Genet Med. 2015;17:965–970.